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Santacon is Tomorrow!

Santacon is tomorrow in San Francisco, LA, New York, and many more cities! Get details here and get ready to get jolly!


Santacon 2008 NYC

I just uploaded my Santacon video to YouTube. What a great Santacon this year – despite the 26 degree weather!

I ended up kicking it all day with Hulk Hogan Santa. He had a bunch of ‘Santamania’ t-shirts and every hour or two he would rip on off his body in true Santamania fashion to the crowd’s delight. At one point I ducked into a Barnes and Noble in midtown to go to the bathroom. I was the first Santa in there so security hadn’t lost their cool yet. Right as I got into the bathroom they got wise and tried to throw everyone out, as some very naughty Santa had waltzed in smoking a cigarette. As I was riding the escalator down to leave the store, more Santas were piling in, chanting, ‘Santa Loves to Read!”

Make sure you watch for the North Pole Dancer at 0:39. Ho Ho Ho.


Santacon at the South Pole

So a year or two ago when looking for info about Santacon, I found a link to a Santacon event put on in friggin’ Antarctica.

That’s right.

The South Pole.

There is an amazing Flickr set of photos of these shennanigans from Flickr user Sandwich Girl.

Check it:

I recognized the name Sandwich Girl while looking at the Flickr pool of the Bush St. becoming Obama St. Way to be involved in both a secret street sign mission and a South Pole Santacon. Sandwich Girl, whoever you are, you get two thumbs up and a gold star.

In the Flickr set you may notice a bunch of Santas playing on crazy blue orb thingys. Turns out its an art installation!

Want to see what the South Pole looks like this very second? (Its actually a bit anti-climactic)

Who knew? A volcano in Antarctica!


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