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No One’s First, And You’re Next

Modest Mouse has a new CD.. an 8 song EP they released on August 4th titled No One’s First, And You’re Next.

The album is mostly a correlation of unreleased tracks left from recording sessions of Good News for People Who Love Bad News and We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.

Check out their video for the song King Rat.

Solid album, very enjoyable.  Actually, I highly suggest listening to this album while you’re disturbingly hung over waiting for your housemate to come back from getting you a ridiculously large burrito.  It somehow seems to fit that scenario to a T.



The Black Keys rock the Fox theater, rock it hard.

The Black Keys – Fox Theater, 4/18

We all know how awesome The Black Keys are, but honestly.. how do two guys produce such brilliantly hard-rockin’ music?  It blows me away each and every time I see them live.


Notice the silver surfer comic?  So awesome.

For those of you who are just learning of this band, The Black Keys are a mix of dirty blues and rock music, and consist of  Dan Auerbach (vocals/guitar) and Patrick Carney (drums/producer guy).  

They’ve been gaining a solid fan base over the past 7ish years, and rightfully so.  Their latest album, Attack and Release (which was produced by Danger Mouse) came out in 2008 and its first single ‘Strange Times’ was even featured on Grand Theft Auto IV.  The video (which is awesome and somehow doesn’t exist on YouTube) is of them playing around with freakin LASERS!  Yeah.

They also had their song “When the Lights Go Out” off of their 2004 album Rubber Factory, on Sammy L’s 2007 flop, Black Snake Moan:

Of course, I can’t mention them without talking about the song “Your Touch” which is basically one of my All Time favorite songs.  Ever.  And the video is pretty neat as well.. I like the idea of ghosts going to do something mundane like get coffee.

To talk about the recent Fox show, I just have nothing but great things to say about the entire evening.  They bring so much to the stage when they play, it’s amazing the intensity of music and stage presence that can come from just two dudes playing blues.  They were wonderful with the audience and appreciative of the theater, and had just enough banter without it becoming trite.  They played a good mix of old and new songs, and the flow of the evening was great (you can check out their setlist here).

Plus most everyone in the crowd, though absolutely wasted, was super nice about letting me do my job and anytime that happens, big thumbs up.

Go check them out when they come around, if you get a chance.. it’s well worth it.



David Byrne’s Long Lost Irish Brother?

I was recently driving around the Upper Haight, looking for parking, and turned on a little KFOG to mellow me out.  In the middle of a set of what only could be described as “Adult Contemporary,” a song came on that actually got my head bouncing.  I instantly identified the sounds of the Talking Heads, but as I didn’t recognize the song, I pinned it as a new David Byrne project.


After I found a parking spot, I stayed in my car to learn the name of the track.  I was absolutely startled to hear the announcer utter the name of the group: “Bell X1.”

I went home and did a little research.  In 1999, Bell X1 formed out of the ruins of a band called “Jupiter,” previously fronted by Damian Rice and birthed in Co. Kildare, Ireland (wow, another Irish band named after an airplane).  After Rice left the group of musicians, the drummer, Paul Noonan, assumed frontman capacity.  It turns out that most of their tracks sound like the bastard children of Coldplay and Snow Patrol… except for the one I heard on KFOG: “The Great Defector.”  Apparently their influences switched to a positive direction for the creation of one song.  This track has Talking Heads written all over it, specifically a blend of “Girlfriend is Better” and “And She Was.”

Of course, maybe the best explanation is that Scotland-born David Byrne is actually Paul Noonan’s long lost brother…

David Byrne and Paul Noonan

David Byrne (left) and Paul Noonan (right)

You can check out the Bell X1 track below, complete with Nintendo intro (just try getting it out of your head):

And, though I couldn’t find “Girlfriend is Better” on YouTube for direct comparison, here is Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime” (for all-around awesomeness):



Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion

Early in January of this year, Animal Collective released their 8th studio album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, named after the amazing outdoor venue in Maryland – where most of the band members grew up.  This record is fantastically good and I’ve basically been listening to it on repeat since I bought it.  

The Album art, an optical illusion!

The Album art, a neat optical illusion!

Animal Collective is made up of 4 members:  Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist, and Deakin, though this album doesn’t have Deakin featured on it as he took a bit of a hiatus from the band.  

I’ve had people ask and I have to say they’re a bit hard to classify, as far as a genre goes.. noise/experimental/indie… it’s hard to put a finger on it.  I think probably “weird” about sums it up for a lot of their music they’ve put out.

That being said, Panda Bear has been quoted as saying that Merriweather is their best recorded album, and I really have to agree.  It’s much more melodic than a lot of their previous work, and the vocals and harmonies have more power and weight to them.  Combine that with their willingness to do a lot of crazy experimental shit, some great samplers, and you’ve got an album that is turning them into a household name and booking them some great venues.

Here’s a video for their single, My Girls:

and here’s the music for the song Summertime Clothes:

It makes me pretty happy that this weird little noise-rock band has gotten such critical acclaim from this album.. I think it’s pretty well deserved.  Plus it means they’re playing festivals like Sasquatch, and they’re even coming to play a show at the Fox Theater in Oakland!  

I’ll for sure be there.  



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