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Symbiosis Gathering’s Lineup Will Melt Your Friggin’ Face Off!

Whoa. The Do Lab is there. El Circo is there. Bassnectar is there. Shit… CASPA is there. You’d best cop a ticket now if you know whats good for you, sucka! Shpongle?!?!! Amon Tobin!?!! Flying Lotus?!? Whaaaaaat!!!!?! This is the real future of music right here.

Symbiosis Gathering is not your average festival; these days even one-night outdoor events are calling themselves ‘festivals’ when everybody knows it is nothing more than a corporate event where most of the attendees are there to party, and not much more.

Symbiosis is different. With a focus on environmental consciousness and ecological sustainability, this celebration has a deep respect for our natural world as well as the community it sustains. Besides green living, Symbiosis is very much about transformational learning experiences and the aesthetics of co-creation, from visual arts to performance, rituals and dance.

And then there is the music. Not only does Symbiosis Gathering provide a meaningful backdrop to showcase our beloved West Coast artists and their evolving future sound, but we also create a welcoming environment for musicians, bands, DJs and producers from all over the world. From dubstep legends and jam band rockers to abstract beat scientists and street bass pioneers, there will be many old favorites to dance to as well as plenty of new discoveries to make.

Just to name a few: Les Claypool, Coco Rosie, Amon Tobin, Bassnectar, Freeland Live Band, Caspa, Flying Lotus, Glitch Mob, N-Type, Pretty Lights, Beats Antique, Bluetech, an-ten-nae, Heyoka, Lipp Service, Mimosa, Of Porcelain, Vibesquad, Welder, Babylon System and over a hundred more. Check out the entire lineup here.

Visual arts are also a major focus of Symbiosis, and you will find large-scale art installations, body art, a graffiti mural, a full-size art gallery space and live painting and workshops from many talented creators including Alex and Alyson Grey. Performing artists will also roam the venue and inject the community with the wild, the weird, and the wonder-inspiring. Come and join in the fun!

Transformational learning and integrated education is also central to the Symbiosis philosophy, and there will be workshops, playshops, discussions and presentations on a wide variety of subjects from esoteric philosophy and embodied movement to sacred geometry and composting alchemy. Our “Wellness Oasis” has a variety of resources to rejuvenate your body, nurture your spirit, and expand your mind with reiki, acupuncture, tai chi, Capoeira, juggling and much more.

And more! We have organic food vendors, sustainable arts and craft merchants in the tribal market, a kids’ area, guided nature walks, eco-arting, a lake for splash wars and water wings, and dishwashing stations to help you make this a no trash, carry-in, carry-out event.

Join us at historic Camp Mather on the edge of California’s treasured Yosemite National Park; the beautiful outdoor location is a gracious player and its natural splendor will inspire all who encounter it. It is with great respect that we will dance upon this land.


The Do Lab + El Circo = Simpler Times, July 31st


The Do Lab and El Circo are joining forces this year to create what is sure to be an epic sound camp on the Esplanade. They are throwing a fundraiser on July 31st which will be undoubtedly epic. As far as I know The Do Lab has been absent from the Playa since 2006 so I’m really looking forward to a triumphant return for them.

Random Rab
Goddess Alchemy Project

& more

This lineup is chock full of glitchy goodness so don’t miss this one, kids. – DJRMD


Theme Camps Unite Like Voltron for ‘Sand by the Ton’ – Sat 7/11/09

******************************UPDATE 7/11/09 – 11:30AM ***********

False Profit gave a sneak peek at some of the fire art and one of the stages. (Via False Profit Twitter)


Wow. It seems like every big sound camp and art car in the Bay Area is involved with this event: Opel/Opulent Temple, the Space Cowboys, False Profit, Nuero Weapon, Symbiosis, Gravity Point, and Big Art Studios.

Supposedly there is sand, swimming pools, circus shenanigans, a 50 foot long boat suspended off of cranes, djs, bands, and probably flame throwers, as it wouldn’t be a burner party without some form of conflagration. Don’t miss the chance to see Beats Antique drop cuts from their new album, and the Mermen rock out on the surfin’ safari tip. It should be the Burning Man fundraiser of the friggin’ summer or so don’t sleep on it or you will be one sad panda. More info can be found over here.



Presented by Big Art Studios

Join us at Oakland’s newest beach for a grand opening
fundraiser of epic proportions.
Swimwear encouraged!

4 electronic music stages
3 live music stages
250,000 square feet of art studios
1000s of your closest friends
200 TONS of sand
1 carnival midway
5 swimming pools

4 electronic stages
Opulent Temple, Symbiosis, Space Cowboys, False Profit, Gravity Point,

2 live music and entertainment stages
[produced by Dustfish + Circus Metropolus]
The Mutaytor, The Mermen, Extra Action Marching Band, Gooferman, Eric
McFadden, Vau de Vire Society, Polkacide, Beats Antique, 999 Eyes,
Mark Growden, Drop Motion

Dan Das Mann + Karen Cusolito, The Flaming Lotus Girls, Cyclecide
Heavy Pedal Carnival, Michael Christian, False Profits Labs, Justin
Gray, Orion Fredericks, Evan Tracy, Michael Sturtz, Mark McGothigan

Saturday, July 11
American Steel
1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA
4pm – late
Free BBQ ’til 7pm

There will be a late night bus shuttle to San Francisco
BART is close by
Secure parking and valet available
Email for VIP
Info and tickets:
No one under 21 years old will be admitted


The Do Lab Lineup for Coachella 2009

I got this a while back from the Do Lab Mailing list. With misting tents and the most face melting beats, its sure to be a hot spot on the polo fields this year. If you are there on friday don’t miss Beats Antique! Straight from Oakland, the band consists of two djs and a professional bellydancer! I saw them open up for Bassnectar and it was amazing. Don’t miss it!

“We can’t wait to show you our new Coachella installation!

Many of you know that every year The Do LaB creates a massive art installation inside the Coachella Arts and Music Festival, complete with our favorite underground music, water misting madness, custom Do LaB structures and performances by the Lucent Dossier Experience. This year we’re going bigger than ever with our vision and lineup. Our installation is, by far, our largest creation yet and we’ve put together a collection of music artists from around the country that are sure to make you dance until you drop. This may be your best chance to see The Do LaB in full effect this summer as we unleash everything we’ve got on our Lucent Misting Oasis. You are officially invited so get a ticket or two and come kick it with us!”



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