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DJ AM Mix live from Power 106 – RIP DJ AM

DJ AM, mashup master and prominent member of the glitterati, was found dead today in his apartment in New York. Click on the image below to listen to his live set from 2005 on Power 106. (Source: Power 106) Gone too soon…


The Eternal Moonwalk

In honor of Michael Jackson, (it was his funeral today, RIP) a Belgian radio station called Studio Brussel created the ultimate MJ tribute site: The Eternal Moonwalk! Users from all over the globe are uploading their own moonwalks and the site stitches them together into one big nonstop MJ dance party. Mad respect!!



RIP Michael Jackson

Wow… mulitple news sources claiming that Michael Jackson died today after suffering cardiac arrest. Respect to the man that brought us Thriller and this heat right here:


Seeking Amy?

Ok, so I’m about to lose all my cool points and street cred with this post, but I’m willing to because I think this is absolutely hilarious.

Ok, here we go.

So, Britney Spears (yes, yes, I know.. I know.. hear me out) recently released a new album Circus.  Her ‘come-back’ album, as it were.  The songs are bubblegum, cookie-cutter pop and not really worth noting here except the one titled “If U Seek Amy” (embedding disabled else I’d throw that puppy in here) where she sings about looking for a girl named Amy and the song absolutely makes no sense in or out of context.  Here is the chorus:

“Love me, hate me, say what you want about me / but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy”

Ok so originally the song irritated me because of how it makes no sense, but then someone finally told me that when you say “if you seek Amy” it sounds like “F-U-C-K me” and that is, well, kind of hilarious and brilliant.  It adds a bit more depth to this next line in the song:

“Oh baby, if you seek Amy tonight / oh baby, we’ll do whatever you like”

Hah!  I say, way to come up with a great new acronym type thing, Brit!  You may be a crazy See You Next Tuesday, but damn girl.  And of course she’s getting in all kinds of trouble with the parents for getting their little girls to spell out ‘fuck me’ when singing along to her music.


(Oh, don’t ask why I was listening to the new Britney Spears album though.  This is totally our secret.  Ok?  Ok.  Sweet.)



5/5/09 – Editors Note

I am removing the ‘Britney Spears’ tag from this post as there are way too many people doing legitimate searches on Britney Spears and finding this blog. I find that deeply disturbing.

–DJ Rex Manning Day


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