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Moby, Holy Ghost! at the Natural History Museum NYC, this Friday 6/5/09

Don’t sleep on this one kiddies! Moby is closing out Season 2 of the One Step Beyond parties. Its sure to be rockin’ and if you are in NYC and haven’t been to this event yet, you are officially slipping! Also playing is Holy Ghost! of DFA records (same label as LCD Soundsystem for those not in the know), as well as Martin Moscrop and Activaire DJs.

There’s a zillion DJs out there and a lot of great live electronic acts, but in my book Moby is one of the best. He is this tiny bald vegan man who runs frantically all over the stage banging on instruments left and right and conducting a huge caste of performers simultaneously. Its pretty phenomenal. The string section during the Area One tour was particularly bonkers, on some other worldly cirque du soleil tip.  This show may be a DJ set, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some crazy live stuff.

Moby also has a new album coming out on June 30, called Wait for Me. He has a lovely blog entry about it here.

So put on your dancing pants and cop your ticket here.

New York, NY – The American Museum of Natural History ends it second season of the highly celebrated series, One Step Beyond, presented with The Fader Magazine on Friday, June 5, 2009 from 9 PM – 1 AM. Named the “Best Museum Party” by New York Magazine, One Step Beyond locks down the galaxy with DJ sets from headliner Moby with enfant terrible of the beat busting scene, Holy Ghost! and a set by Martin Moscrop of A Certain Ratio with an opener by Activaire DJs. Tickets are $25, which includes cosmic visuals by Fuevoz (with VJs SeeJ and Benton-C), entry to the Museum’s breathtaking Moby-mixed SonicVison Show, and a pass for one future Museum visit. Advance tickets are recommended and available at The entrance to the event is located on Central Park West at West 79th Street.

–DJ Rex Manning Day


Amusing New York Phenomena Part II

Groundscorin’ with the Dickchicken
So a while back I was on my way to a meeting in Williamsberg about a music video I’ve been working on, and I came across this lovely scene. Someone with pretty good taste in tunes put out several hundreds of CDs on the sidewalk, for passersby to snatch up! Score! I got me some vintage Nas, some Fela Kuti, Jay Z, and lots of other good stuff. Way to pay it forward, anonymous Williamsbergian!

Down the block from the CDs I saw this graffiti. I took a picture of it as it looks somewhat Banksy-esque, but I have my doubts about Banksy being the artist. Either way, something about a guy in a bowler hat and pinstripes making a giraffe into his own personal robot slave seems both terrifying to me and kind of awesome.

Oh yeah, and next to the Giraffe guy, was the Dickchicken. Most ridiculous. Stencil. Ever.

Apparently this Dickchicken character is blowin’ up the blog-o-sphere. Nice work, Dickchicken.

Rock N Roll Sushi

In the Upper West Side there used to be this restaurant that was called ‘Vinyl’ or ‘Records’ or something like that. The whole interior was plastered with 12″ vinyl records like a not-shitty version of the Hard Rock Cafe, so we decided to check it out. Unfortunately it had gone out of business, and in its place is a sushi restaurant. None of the vinyl is there, but when the place was redone they left the bathrooms alone, so in this random sushi restaurant each bathroom has these funky mosaics: one for the Rolling Stones, one for Elton John, and one for Diana Ross. The sushi is pretty good too.

Night(at the Museum)-mare

One of my favorite places in NYC is the Natural History Museum. I can’t get enough of that place. I think I have gone 7 times in the past year and still haven’t been to MOMA or the Met. The whole top floor is filled with dinosaur skeletons and its freakin’ amazing. I found this fella here particularly awesome/terrifying. Its hard to tell from the pics but this extinct moose/deer thing stands around 7 – 9 ft tall, and was imported straight from the Jurassic into your nightmares, stopping long enough to make a cameo in a Tim Burton movie.

–DJ Rex Manning Day


Kode 9 and Flying Lotus at Natural History Museum 4/17/09 NYC

Kode 9

Kode 9

Get ready to have your face melted and body rocked with a double dose of rumbling bass. Kode 9 and Flying Lotus descend upon the Rose Center for Earth and Space for this month’s installment of Fader magazine’s ‘One Step Beyond’ parties this Friday. What could be better than dancing to dub step and future hoppy music whilst in the company of asteroids and Mars Rovers??? Nothing! Nothing I tell you! (Unless you happen to be at Coachella. That would be pretty cool too.) Don’t sleep on this one, NYC!!


Four Tet Tonight at The Natural History Museum NYC

Music! Science! Dinosaurs! Four Tet! Party time!!!

Four Tet rocks the Natural History Museum tonight (3/13/09), part of the ‘One Step Beyond’ series, sponsored by Fader Magazine. Don’t sleep on tickets!! Opening acts include Jon Hopkins and Mapei.

SF Readers, Four Tet will be playing Mezzanine next Saturday, 3/21/09.

Here are some pictures from previous ‘One Step Beyond’ events:

I believe that is an asteroid on the left there.

Kanye made a surprise appearance with Kid Sister at the January ’08 event:

The ticket also includes entry to see the outstanding rumble seat planetarium movie ‘Cosmic Collisions’ narrated by Robert Redford. I have seen it 4 times since I moved here. So hot right now.

— DJ Rex Manning Day


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