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Mochipet: Live on BBC Radio1 with Mary Anne Hobbs & Thriller Remix- Free Downloads

Mochipet’s latest record, “Godzilla New Year” is out now on Addictech. Click on the images below for glitch hop and dubstep goodness: (via Mochipet’s Myspace)




Mary Anne Hobbs Sonar 09 Mix – Free Download

Latest dubstep bangers from Mary Anne Hobbs at the Sonar festival in Spain. Click on the album art to get to the download page over at Brainfeeder.


Mary Anne Hobbs Wrecks Dancefloors, Breaks Hearts

Mary Ann Hobbs takes her job very seriously

Mary Ann Hobbs takes her job very seriously

Last night, Mary Anne Hobbs took a quick break from influencing worldwide tastes in dance music with her BBC Radio One Experimental show to make a quick stop at 103 Harriet to give San Francisco seismologists something new to worry about.

Mary Anne has been instrumental in transforming dubstep from an underground London curiosity into a full-blown worldwide movement, giving extra-special love to the Bay Area along the way. It’s no surprise, then, that her arrival was greeted with open arms and wobbly knees. Mary Anne responded, in turn, with a pair of ruptured eardrums for each of the evening’s revellers.

Over the course of the evening, Mary Anne rattled off a litany of dancefloor crushing bassgasms, raised the roof a bit, did a very cute DJ dance, and all-in-all appeared to be having a splendid time.

This guy was also there.

This guy was also there.

In case you didn’t notice, Mary Anne is also devastatingly hot — like a night in Cuba. An informal survey of the evening’s clubgoers revealed that approximately 98.2% of males and 82.3% of females present would “totally do her” given the chance. Of this number, approximately 72.3% expressed their desire for Mary Anne to “have [their] babies, omg.”

Mary Anne was unavailable for comment, but one can only assume that she would be flattered by the survey’s findings.

Check out her show’s website here.

Archived mixes can be found here.


XCLR8R’s podcast features Mary Anne’s San Francisco set as a free download here, with full a full tracklisting.


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