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Deliciously Funky Breaks and Hip Hop from the Basement Freaks

The Basement Freaks drop some seriously delicious funky hip hop and breaks on this promo mix from March 2008. I have been banging it nonstop on my headphones for a week straight. It starts off a little slow, but by the 2nd and 3rd record he starts to drop some serious funky bangers that will make the most jaded wallflower nod their head and stomp their feet. This is the kind of mix that I aspire to create. Highly recommended.


Source: Pescoe’s Breakzlinkz – lots of great mixes here. Ch-Ch-Check it out!


1. Basement Freaks vs AWB – Edit The Pisces
2. Audit – Reggae Type Of Way
3. Beastie Boys – Shure Shot (Basement Freaks bootleg mix)
4. Black Eyed Peas Vs Glen Steffani – Start Your Feet Lik Dis
5. Boomfunk Mcs Vs Basement Freaks – Ya need a B.boy Band
6. The Bamboos ft Ohmega Watts Vs Unklejam – Get in the Scene
7. Chops Vs QDup Foundation – Drop the Renegades Revenge
8. Basement Freaks & Quasamodo – Move Sucker(original mix)
9. Feature Cast – Chuck Berry
10. P-Zilla – Badest Man
11. Feature Cast – Get Up(Lets get down)
12. Badboe – Loose your funk self
13. SunstetSoul presents Da Wiesel – Soulfood(Feature Cast remix)
14. Fankanomics – 33 Positions
15. 50Cent – Window Shoper(Basement Freaks bootleg mix)

–DJ Rex Manning Day


Ursula 1000 – Funky Breaks and breakdancing squirrels

Ursula 1000 is my kind of producer as he is up on some funky 60’s beach party cha-cha-cha go-go shit, remixing it into pure heat. Check out this promo mix for some funky breaks. He drops a hot remix of old school Salt-N-Peppa at about the 17:30 mark.

I want to make friends with Ursula 1000 because he parties with woodland creatures that can pop and lock:


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