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Dee-Lite + Prodigy = Remix Mashup Heat

Thank you Adrian and the Mysterious D for throwing up the link to this sick mashup in your blog this month:

Dunproofin – “Groove is in the Girls” (Dee Lite + Prodigy)

Go to Bootie, kiddies. Bring your awesome-pants.


Underworld at the Fox Theater, tonight 8/7

The Fox et al have this little blurb written about Underworld, and I’m slightly too lazy to do much writing for myself at the moment:

Eleven albums.  Two film scores.  Two books.  One 18-hour set.  One television show.  One tragically born radio show as they sat in for John Peel.  One legendary musical crescendo in cinematic history.  Relentless covert digital releases and a terrifying roll call of singles.

Underworld became one of the most crucial electronic acts of the 1990s via an intriguing synthesis of old and new. The trio’s two-man frontline, vocalist Karl Hyde and guitarist Rick Smith, had been recording together since the early-’80s new wave explosion; after two unsuccessful albums released as Underworld during the late ’80s, the pair finally hit it big when they recruited Darren Emerson, a young DJ hipped to the sound of techno and trance. Traditional pop song forms were jettisoned in favor of Hyde’s heavily treated vocals, barely there whispering, and surreal wordplay, stretched out over the urban breakbeat trance ripped out by Emerson and co. while Smith’s cascade of guitar-shard effects provided a bluesy foil to the stark music.

Tickets still available here for $43.50.. (ouch).  If this is your thang, it’s gonna be a good show and a good theater to see them in.

(Side note, I saw them when I was working at the Warfield last year [or was it ’07?] and it was a damn fun show).



Discover Discovery

Ok kiddos, it’s been a while.. 

Behold.. Discovery!  

Move over MGMT, this summer has a new electro-pop hipster anthem album.  Seriously, this is bop around with the car windows down, sunny day, happy music.  Don’t have a car?  You may be compelled to buy one just so you can play this album while driving.  

Discovery is made up of Rostam Batmanglij, keyboardist/producer from Vampire Weekend, and the awesome singer from Ra Ra Riot, Wes Miles.  The combination is pretty damn sweet.  The group’s debut album, named.. LP (c’mon guys, how about a bit of creativity?) was released July 9th and has been getting some pretty great reviews.

Think The Knife meets M83 meets Passion Pit, throw in a bit of Hot Chip and add their influences from Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot, and there’s Discovery.  Sounds neat, huh?  

They’ve even got their own version of J5’s I Want You Back.  While I’m REALLY over this whole auto tune thing, their down tempo-ish version of the track has a ton of depth to the music.

Their Myspace page lists their influences as:  “subwoofer, pitchshifted handclap, that sixteenth note high hat you’re hearing in da night, highlighter yellow/neon orange” which actually seems to sum them up fairly accurately.

Check it out.



Ain’t No Party Like a Lego Pirate Rave Party!

New single by The Glass, “Wanna Be Dancin.” Lotsa remixes of this one over at Beatport means electro fun for the whole family!

Note the pirate flag waving guy about 49 seconds in. He’s like a Lego version of a Camp Fuck Yeah member:

Jolly Rogerin' It.

Jolly Rogerin' It.

Yarr!!! Soon I'll be a lego man in a music video!!

Yarr!!! Soon I'll be a lego man in a music video!!


Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion

Early in January of this year, Animal Collective released their 8th studio album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, named after the amazing outdoor venue in Maryland – where most of the band members grew up.  This record is fantastically good and I’ve basically been listening to it on repeat since I bought it.  

The Album art, an optical illusion!

The Album art, a neat optical illusion!

Animal Collective is made up of 4 members:  Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist, and Deakin, though this album doesn’t have Deakin featured on it as he took a bit of a hiatus from the band.  

I’ve had people ask and I have to say they’re a bit hard to classify, as far as a genre goes.. noise/experimental/indie… it’s hard to put a finger on it.  I think probably “weird” about sums it up for a lot of their music they’ve put out.

That being said, Panda Bear has been quoted as saying that Merriweather is their best recorded album, and I really have to agree.  It’s much more melodic than a lot of their previous work, and the vocals and harmonies have more power and weight to them.  Combine that with their willingness to do a lot of crazy experimental shit, some great samplers, and you’ve got an album that is turning them into a household name and booking them some great venues.

Here’s a video for their single, My Girls:

and here’s the music for the song Summertime Clothes:

It makes me pretty happy that this weird little noise-rock band has gotten such critical acclaim from this album.. I think it’s pretty well deserved.  Plus it means they’re playing festivals like Sasquatch, and they’re even coming to play a show at the Fox Theater in Oakland!  

I’ll for sure be there.  



4 nights of STS9 at the Fillmore

Last night marked the first of four sold out Sound Tribe Sector 9 shows at the Fillmore in SF.  STS9 is a 5 piece instrumental electronic jam band, with added elements of a funky or even hip hop groove.  Throw in a little drum and bass, and there you go.

The guys have a pretty insane cult following (the kind that will travel the country following the band to venue after venue), a lot of it due to the pretty awesome live shows they put on.. and of course the danceable, happy music.  Add copious amounts of weed, mushrooms and twirling hippies, and there you have it! 

Here’s a clip from the DVD they put out in 2006.

I have to say though, the show last night had a weird mix of really amazing people and total douchebags.  You expect a certain amount of difficulty in dealing with people who are very influenced (especially in the middle of the crowd carrying drinks), but there were some really rude people there.  People trying to take beers off my tray, steal money.. I had one guy screaming at me for about 10 minutes and then refuse to buy his drink.  Very unnecessary.  I’m hoping the crowd will be more  consistant these next few nights.

Another side note, what’s up with the twirling?  I’m very honestly curious… don’t you get dizzy?  Does it just feel really intense and awesome to twirl for 3 straight hours?  I tried spinning around and it just made my head hurt.. 

Perhaps I’ll never know.




France has dancin’ fever: The Tecktonik

Apparently for a few years now all the electro kids in Paris have been doing this dance called the Tecktonik to all that electro-house on Ed Banger. Now I don’t know how much of these dance moves are really new… it looks a lot like poppin and locking and old-school rave glow stick dancing to me, but you gotta dig this whole French hip kid spin on going apeshit on the dancefloor. There seems to be a lot of wrapping your arms around your head.

Check out these guys: (note that the fellow in front is sporting both a fanny pack and a mullet)

Wikipedia says:

Tecktonik (also known as “tck“,”electro dance” “vertigo“, “Milky Way“) is a form of dance based on a blend of techno styles (late 80s vogue, 90s  waving and old school breakdancing), started in 2007 in Paris at the outrageous club Metropolis by Hussein Ezzo and some other dancers.[1] The music Tecktonik is usually danced to is electro house. Tecktonic has not yet succeeded in creating its own musicgenre, even though multiple attempts have been made.

About a minute into this video all these French girls have these psuedo b-girl Tecktonik battles:

This kid here will show you a thing or two. I guarantee you that this badass has made out with every girl in his seventh grade class: (you can tell he isn’t effing around by his wristband 35 seconds in)

All in all, I give this whole Tecktonic dance craze two gyrating and flailing thumbs up. How sweet would it be to go to a house party where everybody is Tecktonic dancing all over the place, bumping into things and knocking lamps off of end tables?

–DJ Rex Manning Day


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