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The Do Lab Hearts You

When The Do Lab gets behind the producer wheel, amazing things happen. They don’t just put on shows- they put on audio-visual-theatrical onslaughts that immerse you completely. They merge circus and theater with musical performances, and there is an almost Shakespearean quality to their shows, if you can even use that adjective to describe face melting basslines and circus folk. You come away from their shows (which always feature amazing musical talent) feeling like you have just seen A Midsummer Nights Dream, only louder, and with much more dancing.

Their performance resume includes the gigantic flower and venus fly trap at Burning Man ’06, hosting a stage at Coachella for numerous years, the Lightning in a Bottle Festival, and of course, the amazing Simpler Times Camp at Burning Man this past year.

So if you are in Los Angeles this Valentine’s Day weekend, don’t sleep on their latest manifestation, Lucent L’amour. Performances by Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Stanton Warriors, Lazer Sword…. need I say more? Details below:

Here is the quick rundown:

  • 100+ artists, musicians, performers and art installations
  • Two stages of music and dancing with live and electronic acts
  • Live mural and digital painting, art gallery and silent auction
  • Romantic, colorful and whimsical décor all throughout venue
  • Aerialists, acrobats, burlesque dancers and other live performers
  • Unique arts and crafts vendors, full bars & delicious food
  • Downtown LA location in historic venue, plenty of parking
  • 7PM-4AM, 18+ event, VIP passes available presale

MUSIC: The festival is presented by The Do LaB, one of the premier Burner tribes in Los Angeles, known for throwing fat parties with eclectic lineups and colossal bass. This year’s Lucent L’amour festival has two stages and a keen selection of beautiful beats on the lineup. Both big names and critically acclaimed artists will provide a rousing night of fresh beats for the crowd: Bassnectar, N.A.S.A, Stanton Warriors, Yard Dogs Road Show, Lucent Dossier Experience, Beats Antique, Lazer Sword, Lynx & Janover and Patricio.

ART: Visual arts go hand in hand with music at Lucent L’amour, and you will find a stimulating feast for your eyes all throughout the festival. In addition to a huge art gallery curated by Mike Russek and Deborah Vogt featuring the work of dozens and dozens of artists, we will have a live mural painting by The Mac and Retna as well as a silent art auction, with proceeds going towards the purchase of music and art supplies for under-funded schools. Capping it off is the avant-garde electroart of Andrew Jones, whose inspired creations resonate with the West Coast electronic music community like beats rolling out of a bass bin.

SELF-EXPRESSION: Lucent L’amour promises to create a collision of music, art and creative self-expression. The festival is not a series of performances or a show, but rather an interactive art event where everyone becomes part of the experience, immersed together in one fantastic night of revelry. Come as you are, or deck yourself out in colorful and romantic attire: petticoats, corsets, zoot suits, ruffled parasols, purple polka dot knickers, feathered top hats, green corduroys, striped stockings, and sequined boots- or all of the above.

ROMANCE & MORE: In addition to the music and visual art offerings, Lucent L’amour will dish out a sexy serving of playful décor from the fun to the freaky, captivating theatrical performances, unusual craft vendors, hot munchies and full bar service for those 21+ (event is 18+). VIP passes and tickets are available here, and check the Lucent L’amour website for more videos, photos, music from our featured artists and weekly ticket giveaways.


A Coachella Survival Guide: Tips & Tricks To Keep You Rocking All Weekend

Hey there, festival goer! Coachella 2009 starts today! Here are some tips and tricks to help you rock hard all weekend!


110 Degrees

110 Degrees

1. Wear Lots of Sunscreen and a Big Hat – While this is stating the obvious, people still tend to forget to bring hats and sunscreen. Coachella is right next to Palm Springs. It is CRAZY hot. In 2007 temperatures hit somewhere around 110 degrees on Saturday. Getting sunburned will ruin the rest of the festival for you. Nobody likes being “That Guy” that looks like a lobster all weekend. Also, stay hydrated! Drink water, sucka!

Also, if you do forget to bring a hat, buy one there as soon as you arrive. My favorie are the asian style pointy dome hats. At Reggae on the River a few years back I was fed up with the hot sun and bought one of those hats on the last day. I was kicking myself that I hadn’t purchased it earlier in the weekend! It changed my whole world at that show! Since then it has traveled with me to countless festivals, Burning Man, and various other shenanigans.


This guy has the right idea.

Another thing about getting a hat is try to make it crazy unique and recognizable so your friends can find you in a crowd. Get creative! Sticker it up! Whilst waiting in line at the entry gate during a sandstorm at Burning Man 06, I started decorating my hat with colored electrical tape, and its stayed on ever since. My friends can always find me in crowds which minimizes time spent on texting people so you can maximize time getting jiggy with it and enjoying music. This brings me to my second point…

2. Stick to Text Messages – Coachella has terrible reception for cell phones. Cell providers can’t handle the load of tens of thousands of people calling all at once for 3 random days during April in Palm Springs. Text messages are the way to go. Besides, even when you do get through on the phone, you are in front of a loud ass stage, so odds are the other party won’t receive the call, or be able to hear you if they actually pick up.

3. Stick with a Buddy, Not a Group – A common phenomena at gatherings like this is ending up with way too many people all at once. Odds are, once a group gets over 3 people at a festival, its time to split up the group. We’ve all been there where 10 people are in a group, and someone is in the bathroom or wants to stay somewhere too long, and other people don’t want to wait for them, and then people get upset, and the whole thing becomes akin to herding cats. LAME. I think the way to go is to stick with one or two other people throughout the festival, and not worry too much about what ALL your other friends are doing. Large groups can work, but let go lightly when you or your friends want to go do their own thing for a while.

Parking Lot Friends! Kea and Nastasia 2002

Parking Lot Friends! Kea and Nastasia 2002

4. Find a Good Meeting Space and Return to it Every Few Hours – Once you get to the festival, find a meeting spot that is really distinct, and come back to it every few hours. Sometimes at big festivals you have to go solo to catch a band you want to see, but the downside is you can end up alone for a long time. Hence the meeting spot! Reconvene! Party On! At the end of the festival in 2007, my friend Mark and I met this group of kids in the parking lot who were locked out of their car. Apparently the driver of the car had disappeared 3 days earlier after taking acid, and no one had seen or heard from him since then. As they were explaining this to us, the driver kid finally staggered up to the car after three days of tripping and doing God knows what, and looked like the most broken man I have ever seen. Shoulda had a meeting spot, fella!

This campground is whack, yo!

This campground is whack, yo!

5. DO NOT CAMP AT COACHELLA – Although I have never done this, Dynosauras did for a night in 2007 and can speak pretty extensively about how awful it is. There is no shade, you are way too far from your car, and its generally a total mess. If you are with a bunch of people, the thing to do is rent a vacation house for the weekend outside palm springs. Preferably one with a pool and AC. (This is what a lot of the performers do) Only camp as a last resort and if you do, make sure you bring a cheap shade canopy to kick it under during the hot morning hours.

sundown6. Bring a compact windbreaker
– Its the desert and once the Sun goes down, it can get quite cold. Also, it can get quite windy. (Note the gargantuan windmill farm as you drive in. Its a windy spot.) Come sundown, you will be very happy with yourself if you have some sort of outer layer to put on. I recommend a light and compactable windbreaker –  easy to carry and keeps you toasty, or at least, toastier than you would have been with nothing.

7. Bring Hand Sanitizer and a Handipack of Kleenex
– Bathrooms can be gross and unpredictable. Watch out!

8. Bring the whole value pack of Earplugs! – These sound systems are the loudest that Southern CA has to offer. Going deaf sucks. (see the movie ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’ and you’ll know what I mean. Scariest. Movie. Ever.) Odds are if you had the foresight to bring earplugs, then all of your friends forgot them. A pack of 10 – 20 pairs is only five bucks at any drug store. Bring the whole pack and hook your friends up! *see also the title of this blog.


Arrr! The pirate tape do be comin' in handy

10. Pirate Tape! – Trust me. It came in handy. Bex was able to strap a flask to her thigh with it, and later on it was a hit in the Sahara tent. Don’t believe me? Just ask this guy:

11. Car Maintenance – In 2002, I drove 22 hours each way to get to Coachella from Colorado. We had a blowout at freeway speeds outside Phoenix at 3AM. It was crazy nuts and not very awesome. If you have the time, check the oil, make sure your tires aren’t bald, and if you have a hide-a-key, bring it as a spare and hide it near the car in case your keys disappear into the festival ether. (see #4)

12. Don’t drink all day! – Why spend time in a beer garden in super hot weather paying 8 bucks a beer? You miss music and the alcohol drains you of all your energy. (If you aren’t drained that day then you are a wreck the next.) If you are going to spend 8 bucks a beer, at least wait until the sun goes down. But don’t forget to keep drinking water to stay hydrated!

14. Channel Your Inner Lewbowski – Coachella is the best place to see new bands you have never heard of, and come away with a greater knowledge of current shit. You will not be able to see all the bands you want to see. Its impossible. There’s just too many stages and too many good acts to catch everything. So invoke your inner Lewbowski and keep a loose agenda.

–DJ Rex Manning Day


Coachella iPhone Application

Sweet! If only I had in iPhone!




The Do Lab Lineup for Coachella 2009

I got this a while back from the Do Lab Mailing list. With misting tents and the most face melting beats, its sure to be a hot spot on the polo fields this year. If you are there on friday don’t miss Beats Antique! Straight from Oakland, the band consists of two djs and a professional bellydancer! I saw them open up for Bassnectar and it was amazing. Don’t miss it!

“We can’t wait to show you our new Coachella installation!

Many of you know that every year The Do LaB creates a massive art installation inside the Coachella Arts and Music Festival, complete with our favorite underground music, water misting madness, custom Do LaB structures and performances by the Lucent Dossier Experience. This year we’re going bigger than ever with our vision and lineup. Our installation is, by far, our largest creation yet and we’ve put together a collection of music artists from around the country that are sure to make you dance until you drop. This may be your best chance to see The Do LaB in full effect this summer as we unleash everything we’ve got on our Lucent Misting Oasis. You are officially invited so get a ticket or two and come kick it with us!”



Coachella announces 5 more acts for 2009 including Chemical Brothers

Original Post: Coachella 2009 Lineup Announced

Today Coachella launched this somehat clunky e-zine and announced 5 more acts playing Coachella 2009: The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, Devendra Banhart, Etienne de Criecy, and Murder City Devils. Obviously the Chemical Brothers will melt your face right off and need no further introduction.

Etienne de Criecy is on some Daft Punk pyramid show tip with this crazy cube thing. Should be stage prop-arific:

I saw the Orb at Moby’s Area: One Festival way back in 2001 and I can still remember their set as being amazing dubbed-out abstract grooves. The Orb is kind of like a chillout version of Pink Floyd, and the perfect kind of festival act to go check out after seeing something really uptempo.

Also, Amy Winehouse has cancelled her performance as she reportedly has legal trouble stemming from assault charges… or she’s just too busy smoking crack to be bothered with showing up. One or the other.

–DJ Rex Manning Day

Original Post: Coachella 2009 Lineup Announced


Coachella 2009 Lineup Announced

It’s here! It’s here! The Coachella 2009 Lineup has just been announced.

An bit of a throwback-centric lineup this year, and I’m trying to figure out the vibe of what each day will be. In Coachella’s of yore, a big headliner can change the vibe of an entire day. Your 2007 Rage Against the Machine, Sunday night headliner crowd is an entirely different and savage beast compared to your morose Hot Topic garbed nihilists that go to see The Cure on Sunday night in 2009. So we’ll see what happens when Paul McCartney fans, Morrissey fans, and Crystal Method degenerates comingle like Harold and Maude in 115 degree heat.

My Friday picks : Black Keyes, Crystal Method, Crystal Castles, Girl Talk, Silversun Pickups, Peanut Butter Wolf, People Under the Stairs, Felix da Housecat, and Paul McCartney as the man is an effin’ Beatle.

Saturday picks include Thievery Corporation, Atmosphere, TV on the Radio, Henry Rollins and MSTRKRFT. Keep finger’s crossed that they put MSTRKRFT in the Sahara tent on Sunday night for face melting electro party time.

Sunday Picks: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Christopher Lawrence, Public Enemy, Groove Armada, Throbbing Gristle, X, and holy effin’ crap… Roni Size and Reprazent!

In the WTF category, we have Shephard Fairey doing… uhh… live screenprinting? Also, DJ AM and Travis Barker of Blink 182 have some sort of act together, which might actually sound good as they are both pretty legit musicians once you wipe off all the anorexic celebutantes.

No word yet if The Do Lab will be present. For my money their stage is the best kept secret at Coachella. I am still patting myself on the back for ditching the Kaiser Chief’s super suck fest on stage to go see David Starfire tear shit up on the fretless bass. I’m not sure who said it– possibly the good Canuck Dr. Lecky– but Coachella is a great place to see NOT your favorite band. Some of my best moments have been wandering into random tents to see bands I had never heard of. I mean… damn. If it wasn’t for Coachella, I wouldn’t have The Teddybears:


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