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The World is a Crazy Place…

Wow. Iceland’s government has collapsed.

Double-Wow. Bush and co didn’t even keep case files on Guantanomo detainees. Un-freakin-believable.



Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Go Go Gadget Presidency!

I like that Obama repped Hawaii during the inauguration. Coolest. President. Ever.

Someecards puts it nicely here.

But I am a tad concerned. I hope America realizes that the man won’t be able to make it shower rainbows and puppydogs overnight in this piece.

This fascinating wordcloud analysis of Obama’s speech vs. past presidents is an amazing way to look at speeches.

There sure was a lot of coverage of Michelle Obama’s dress, but not much coverage of the effing awesome guerrilla street sign jedi move pulled in San Francisco of Bush street getting changed to Obama street. Big ups to laughingsquid and takingcareofbidness for that one.

And can I get a hell yeah for Obama shutting down Guantanamo?


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