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And now for something completely different…

So… this isn’t music or shenanigans related, but you know that economy of ours that is totally fubar? Well, if you’re like me, you don’t completely understand  all the ins and outs of the financial system, and all of the news is kind of confusing lately. Fortunately, the team at This American Life put together this fantastic radio show explaining the economic meltdown in everyday terms, and it really helps to understand what’s going on in this U-S-of-A.

After listening to this show I think I’m starting to get a handle on the situation, and whoa… Lets just hope the US doesn’t go the way of Argentina in 2001, as their are many similarities in the situations according to some gun enthusiasts in the blog-o-sphere, but who knows if they are right.

OK back to the shenanigans. This guy in the orange shirt is my hero.
(But seriously, check out that show over at This American Life. You’ll be glad you did. )

–DJ Rex Manning Day


Ursula 1000 – Funky Breaks and breakdancing squirrels

Ursula 1000 is my kind of producer as he is up on some funky 60’s beach party cha-cha-cha go-go shit, remixing it into pure heat. Check out this promo mix for some funky breaks. He drops a hot remix of old school Salt-N-Peppa at about the 17:30 mark.

I want to make friends with Ursula 1000 because he parties with woodland creatures that can pop and lock:


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