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Bay To Breakers Update: Floats are Back

“Once again, you can have that tiki-bar float in the cross-city foot race and all-around extravaganza known as Bay to Breakers.

You just can’t have a beer keg or glass bottles of booze behind the bar, unless you want police to seize them.

The skinny: Floats are in with some restrictions, nudity is not an issue anymore and alcohol is banned but it sounds like one might get away with cans and plastic containers — not that City Insider advocates such behavior — if one doesn’t act like a drunken jerk or throw trash around.”

Full Article at SF Gate


Bay To Breakers – The End as We Know It (Part II)

As B2B is permanently on my mind these days, I thought it appropriate to post a follow-up to DJRMD’s previous post.  May 17th, 2009 will mark my fourth appearance at this lovely only-in-SF event.  Looking back with fairly blurry hindsight, I can say (somewhat accurately) that even in my first B2B, there were attempts to limit drinking, keg-floating, and other shenanigans.  When our crew showed up at the beginning of the race with a beautifully hand-crafted pirate ship float, we were not allowed into the course and had to wind our way down side streets until we found a spot to sneak in.  Though the offender in this case wasn’t the float itself, but rather the keg concealed inside, it just goes to show that these new regulations on the race are not so new at all.

When it comes to rowdy SF events (LoveFest, Pillow Fight, SantaCon, etc…), people will always find a way to a) get drunk and b) get naked.  Though weaseling giant floats into the race might be a bit harder to accomplish, I have faith in the ingenuity of the locals.  I mean, if I could find a way to dispense white russians out of my cow suit udders in B2B ’07 (albeit, for only a short period of time), anything can be accomplished with just a bit of ingenuity.

Speaking of ingenuity, if you ever find yourself with a bad connection between keg and tap, it turns out there’s a fairly common item found in the pockets of many B2B participants that will help “seal the deal.”  As it turns out, condoms are the new rubber washers…



Bay To Breakers – The End as We Know It

Well, it’s official. The Bay to Breakers as we all know and love is over. According to a recent posting on the ING Bay To Breakers website, there is now a zero tolerance policy to both alcohol and floats:

  • Zero tolerance policy on alcohol. Anyone openly drinking alcohol or displaying public drunkenness will be subject to fines and prosecution.
  • All wheeled objects and floats are prohibited. Inappropriate equipment on the streets is dangerous and can prevent runners and walkers from completing the race in a timely manner.


No floats? No alcohol? What do they expect us to do? Put on some New Balance shoes and ball-dangling runner shorts and actually run 8 miles? (actually I am okay with the ball-dangling shorts) Bay to Breakers without booze is like Peanut Butter without Jelly! Barry Bonds without steroids! The 71 Bus line without schizophrenics! Why don’t you just take Santa Claus away from Christmas while you’re at it?!

I have a feeling though, ING. Come May 17 San Francisco will show you what a Dutch Insurance Conglomerate really knows about trying to keep 75,000 San Franciscans from boozin’ at 8AM.

I suppose that this was all inevitable in a way… shenanigans of that size and absurdity can’t last forever.

For more info, check out SF Gate’s article.

Let’s just hope the nudey-nudes keep dingle-danglin’ along doing their thing.


No more Mustache Ride Float?!!


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