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Santacon is Tomorrow!

Santacon is tomorrow in San Francisco, LA, New York, and many more cities! Get details here and get ready to get jolly!


Hello Folly Revue Tonight 8/9/09

I was waaaaaaay slow to post this considering I’m stage managing. Expect hijinks, burlesque, live music, comedy and more!



Pirates Secure a Seat in European Parliament… No really!


Swedish Pirate Party Logo

And I thought we liked pirates in America. The Swedish Pirate Party just won a seat in European Parliament. Swedish pirates have seen a lot of press lately ever since the owners of The Pirate Bay, one of the largest torrent trackers on the interweb, went on trial for a whole number of things, not limited to plundering, looting, and digital swashbuckling. I guess those guys are really popular over in Europe, and as a result some like minded individuals have become a legitimate political party. Check out the full story at TorrentFreak. Here’s a blurb:

With 7.1 percent of the vote, the Swedish Pirate Party has shocked its critics and secured a seat in the European Parliament. The Pirates received more votes from those under 30 than any other party in the European elections yesterday, and this was celebrated with pints of rum and loads of pirate chants.

–DJ Rex Manning Day



Sound of Music Dance Party in Belgium

So hot on the internets right now. All your Belgian train stations are belong to us!


Urban Pillow Fight and the Rub, Saturday 4/4/09 NYC

This Saturday at 3PM is another urban pillowfight, this time in NYC. Check the official website for details/rules etc. This event is taking place as part of World Pillow Fight Day. It looks like this will take place on Wall St… I guess that’s supposed to be some sort of statement on the economy or something.

Once you clean all the feathers off yourself, get your arse over to THE RUB!!!

While you’re at it, check out The Rub’s ridonkulous page of mp3’s– remixes and mashups ripe for the picking!


Bob Ross Tribute Party in NYC Tonight 4/2/09

My good friend and all around rock star Baby Bunny is throwing a Bob Ross tribute party tonight in NYC at Gallery Bar. Featuring a raffle, an art show, PBR, and happy little trees! Its also a fundraiser for a very worthy scholastic arts program:

A tribute party for the famed Public Television Painter/ Pop Culture Icon – Bob Ross. Music by BabyBunny and Alex English.

  • Bob Ross Look-A-Like Contest! $1 raffle tickets to benefit Art Start ( — win original art and exclusive Bob Ross brand products.

*Live Bob Ross instructional painting! Learn how to paint happy trees!

*Special performance by the “Titanium White Hot Dancers” (Bob Ross tribute dance troupe).

*Exhibit your Bob Ross inspired artwork in our special exhibition. Email for details:

Produced in Association with Gallery Bar, PBR, and the Culture of Me.

  • * All proceeds from the raffle benefit Art Start, an organization that provides art education and resources to children and teenagers living in shelters. It promotes creativity as a means of transforming lives –just as Bob Ross believed.

don’t try this at home…

Those look like sandals to me:

I think this guy is texting:


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