I want to make sweet sweet love to the Legend of Zelda

I love The Legend of Zelda so much, I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

Here we have a 1991 Japanese commercial for Zelda, A Link to the Past (SNES). As if I didn’t love Zelda enough, they throw in effin’ choreographed dance?!

“Zelda Rap,” a commercial for original Zelda, circa 1986. If there’s one thing these kids are, its hip hop.

Back in 1989, the Legend of Zelda was put into animated form as a series of shorts that played within the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. Unfortunately, some asshole writer decided to make the whole show revolve around the absurdly obnoxious catchphrase. “Well excuuuuse me, princess!” I have no idea why anyone would want to turn a hero like Link into a petulant whiny little bitch, but thats what happened. I think the clip below is explanation enough for why it was canceled after only 13 episodes.

I like this one because when I turned my Nintendo on to play Zelda back in the day, I felt exactly like this kid:



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