Burning Man 2009 – Big Sound Camp Lineups part 1 – Opulent Temple and Root Society


Its about that time people. The Bay is humming with activity of busy burners bouncing and banging away at art projects, shade structures, and other such tomfoolery. Home Depot is out of rebar… and that can mean only one thing: there’s only one more week until Burning Man!!!

I think the best way to experience Burning Man is to embrace the chaos, and just follow your ears to the best tunes. Those tunes could be a huge sound camp, an art car, or even a spontaneous dance party in the street. The best times are the spontaneous times. However, being aware of some of the larger happenings can be helpful from time to time.

The best roundup of big sound camp lineups can be found here at the Rockstar Librarian’s site. She puts all this info onto a single spreadsheet and posts it a few days from departure. A highly recommended download once its posted. There is also a great list on tribe.net posted by Pleasure Sean of similar info and worth checking out.

So, here’s some TENTATIVE lineups at some of the bigger soundcamps. Use this info wisely grasshopper!

Covered in this post are Opulent Temple and Root Society.

Opulent Temple – Esplanade & 2:00

Opulent Temple Picks:

Wednesday: Beats Antique, Cheb I Sabbah, Dutch

Thursday: Donald Glaude, Armin Van Buren, Infected Mushroom

Friday: DJ Dan, Carl Cox, Christopher Lawrence – House heavy lineup on Friday

Supposedly they will have a bar there this year. Monday and Tuesday are probably good days to get your psy-trance on, if you’re into that sort of thing. (Which I am.) Unfortunately this camp gets seriously PACKED and can turn into “too much to handle” pretty easily, no matter what the music is.


Root Society – Esplanade & 2:00

3 domes this year. Bassnectar and Freqnasty on Thursday will be totally bananas. The dome was super packed for this last year and you had to post up outside the dome if you wanted to bust a move propa’. David Starfire on Thursday should be the hotness as well.



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