stop the war on fun! 8/14 benefit show

There’s a benefit at the Uptown in Oakland this Friday (tomorrow 8/14) for the Stop The War On Fun campaign.. who is trying keep the Alcoholic Beverage Control from screwing over (or closing down) San Francisco’s awesome all-ages clubs.

The Uptown is donating 100% of the proceeds to help the legal defense fund for our local venues.

Didn’t know this was happening?  The ABC has decided to enforce some kind of arbitrary rules (that they’ve kind of just pulled out of their asses) and has now cited a bunch of our SF clubs like Bottom of the Hill, Cafe du Nord, Slim’s, Great American Music Hall, DNA Lounge, and Glas Kat.

To be an all-ages venue in San Francisco and sell alcohol, you are required to provide food.  Plain and simple and fair enough.  But the ABC is telling these venues that they’re not selling enough food, or not selling it at the right times, or giving them shit for changing their menus.  It is also accusing DNA Lounge of “running a disorderly house injurious to the public welfare and morals.”  All of this is, well, absurd.

STWOF’s website has this to say:

At a time when small businesses are failing left and right and Californians everywhere could use a lift, the ABC has decided to step up harassment of bars, clubs, dance halls and live entertainment venues of all types.

These clubs aren’t accused of serving alcohol to minors. Nor are they accused of attracting crime or violence. They’re attempting to present entertainment to all-ages audiences.

And the site also has this wonderful and fantastically logical quote:

“Something’s wrong when the state ABC can shut down law-abiding nightclubs for not selling enough food, or changing their menus or even how people dance.”  -Assemblyman Tom Ammiano

Help save our venues.  Donate to DNA, check out the War on Fun facebook page, go to the Uptown this Friday.  This shouldn’t be happening and we can all help out to make sure it doesn’t.

The Uptown – 1928 Telegraph Ave in Oakland (right next to 19th st BART station), $8 cover, doors at 9PM.



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