‘Sand by the Ton’ photos from Laughing Squid

Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Head Laughing Squid tentacle Scott Beale has posted a good flickr set of last nights ‘Sand by the Ton’ event. I was all set to go, bringing out the good camera and everything, but I had a night plagued with bad luck and got no photos.

Pulling a solo mission, I took Muni and the downtown N-Judah was stopped in its tracks by a bunch of fire trucks which delayed me getting to BART. I didn’t arrive at the event until 10:30 or so. (I was hoping to get there by 9:30 or so to catch Beats Antique at 10.) There was a giant crowd of people outside the door and the fire marshal was not letting anyone in, even if they had tickets. The security guards were making a human chain blocking the door, linking their arms red rover style across the entrance. The number of people waiting just kept growing into the 1000+ range, and after circling the event twice for a sneak in option unsuccessfully I got in line. After an hour in line without anyone being let in I had to bounce to catch the last BART train back to SF. (side note:I really miss the NYC Metro.)

I then attempted salvage the evening and meet up with friends at DNA lounge for Bootie and catch my friends the Cheesepuffs perform but there was a line around the block for that too so I headed home. So all in all, this blogger has no fun stories or pictures of art, music or dancing to tell you. Here are the few photos I did take of the mess outside the entrance:


Crowd by the entrance. Not shown are a bunch of police cars and fire trucks

Human chain of security guards.

Human chain of security guards.

My view of the line for an hour.

My view of the line for an hour.


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