Theme Camps Unite Like Voltron for ‘Sand by the Ton’ – Sat 7/11/09

******************************UPDATE 7/11/09 – 11:30AM ***********

False Profit gave a sneak peek at some of the fire art and one of the stages. (Via False Profit Twitter)


Wow. It seems like every big sound camp and art car in the Bay Area is involved with this event: Opel/Opulent Temple, the Space Cowboys, False Profit, Nuero Weapon, Symbiosis, Gravity Point, and Big Art Studios.

Supposedly there is sand, swimming pools, circus shenanigans, a 50 foot long boat suspended off of cranes, djs, bands, and probably flame throwers, as it wouldn’t be a burner party without some form of conflagration. Don’t miss the chance to see Beats Antique drop cuts from their new album, and the Mermen rock out on the surfin’ safari tip. It should be the Burning Man fundraiser of the friggin’ summer or so don’t sleep on it or you will be one sad panda. More info can be found over here.



Presented by Big Art Studios

Join us at Oakland’s newest beach for a grand opening
fundraiser of epic proportions.
Swimwear encouraged!

4 electronic music stages
3 live music stages
250,000 square feet of art studios
1000s of your closest friends
200 TONS of sand
1 carnival midway
5 swimming pools

4 electronic stages
Opulent Temple, Symbiosis, Space Cowboys, False Profit, Gravity Point,

2 live music and entertainment stages
[produced by Dustfish + Circus Metropolus]
The Mutaytor, The Mermen, Extra Action Marching Band, Gooferman, Eric
McFadden, Vau de Vire Society, Polkacide, Beats Antique, 999 Eyes,
Mark Growden, Drop Motion

Dan Das Mann + Karen Cusolito, The Flaming Lotus Girls, Cyclecide
Heavy Pedal Carnival, Michael Christian, False Profits Labs, Justin
Gray, Orion Fredericks, Evan Tracy, Michael Sturtz, Mark McGothigan

Saturday, July 11
American Steel
1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA
4pm – late
Free BBQ ’til 7pm

There will be a late night bus shuttle to San Francisco
BART is close by
Secure parking and valet available
Email info@thebigartexperience.com for VIP
Info and tickets: www.thebigartexperience.com
No one under 21 years old will be admitted


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