Four Tet at the Natural History Museum NYC, 3/13/09

In my excitement over Moby at the Natural History Museum One Step Beyond this Friday, I finally tracked down the missing pictures I took with a friend’s camera from the last One Step Beyond I went to, Four Tet. (I missed the last two events as I was out of town for assorted weddings.)

The Stage Under the Death Star

The Stage Under the Death Star

It was quite a night. Four Tet was on point with some really good IDM and I was into it. The thing about IDM  is that it is not the most danceable music though, and as the whole thing was laptop based, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything performance wise when we started wandering around the museum. But Four Tet provided an amazing soundtrack for wandering around asteroids and standing on crazy scales to see how much you weigh on Mars and Jupiter. Somehow we made friends with this German drummer and a Turkish guy, and somehow they knew this astrophysicist that spends his days modeling the universe at the museum. (No… really.) After kicking it by the stage for a while and dancing, the astrophysicist took us up to the staff only area above the crazy death star thing the party sits underneath. Its an amazing view from up there!

This is somebodies office.

This is somebody's office.

My favorite part about the whole staff area was  this whiteboard right next to the elevator. On it, some of the astrophysicists had written Drake’s equation, which predicts the probability of extra-terrestrial life in the Milky Way. I was extremely excited about the fact that all these astrophysicists at the museum look at this crazy equation every time they go up and down the elevator and think about aliens.


A squared plus B squared = ALIENS, BITCHES!!!

Another thing that I really like about this event is how many different types of people show up. It seems like One Step Beyond draws all these different micrcosoms of NYC into one place, and everyone boogies down and reads fun facts about space. As a side note, this has got to be one of the more baller places I’ve seen in the city to take someone on a date. There is good music, good drinks, and if your date isn’t super into the music and the dancing thing doesn’t work out, there’s still tons of stuff to do and look at. One Step Beyond, I salute you.

–DJ Rex Manning Day


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