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Oh, that crazy indie rock..

So there have been some pretty great indie rock bands that have passed through (or will be coming to) the Bay in recent times.. let’s discuss!

Dr. Dog (4/16 at the Fillmore):

I should point out that I recently got turned on to Dr. Dog.. they have a part mellow, part rock, part almost psychedelic 60’s sound to them, and also this kick ass side which comes out fantastically whey they play live.  Good stage presence, for sure.

Band of Horses (4/17 at the Fox):

B.O.H. have an indie meets southern rock/country style.  Singer Ben Bridwell’s voice has been compared with both Wayne from The Flaming Lips, and Neil Young (though the Neil Young reference was in regard to some of their earlier tracks).

Fleet Foxes (4/21 at the Fox):

So according to Wikipedia, the Fleet Foxes describe their music as “baroque harmonic pop jams” .. which sounds kind of douche-y but is actually pretty accurate.  Of all the bands on this list, though, I was definitely the least impressed with F.F.’s live show.. it was just lacking a bit, somehow.  It could have been just an off night, for them or me.  These things have been known to happen.

Cold War Kids (5/7 at the Fillmore):

C.W.K. has been blowing up with their new album.  Who hasn’t gotten this first song here stuck in their head for days on end?  No one has not gotten it stuck, is the answer.

(Sorry about that weird, whatever the fuck skull thing that was.. actual video here.)

Delta Spirit and The Shins (5/9 at the Fox):

Ok we all know and love The Shins, well, because they’re awesome.

BUT.. let’s talk about the Delta Spirit.  I’m shocked this band isn’t way bigger than they are.  I don’t even think they’re signed to any major label.  They’re a band from San Diego that leans more towards the rock and blues side of indie rock.  They’re a bit quirky (in the best of ways), using props on stage like trash can lids, etc.  Amazing amazing amazing live performances.  Go see them!  Go go go go.

Want a little taste of them live?  Of course you do..

Cloud Cult (5/12 at the Independent):

This is another band that I’m surprised isn’t way bigger.. another quirky, experimental indie band (from Minnesota!  Cute little accents..) that isn’t on a major label, though they’ve actually turned down offers in order to create their own Earthology Records.  According to wikipedia, Earthology exists on lead singer Craig Minowa’s organic farm and is “powered by geothermal energy and built partially from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. This nonprofit label uses only recycled materials and donates all profits to environmental charities.”   Neat.  They also have two members of the band who do full paintings each and every show, which they then auction off at the end.  Also neat!

The Doves (5/18 at the Fillmore):

This is a neat little indie band from Manchester, England!  The show is tomorrow at the Fillmore, go check it out!

Passion Pit (5/26 at Bimbo’s 365 Club):

Ok so Bimbo’s is a really neat (one could say swank) little club and Passion Pit is great.  They’re a relatively new band (started in late 2007), and are more on the electronic side of indie.  Another one to keep your eye on.  Perhaps at the show on the 26th?  Hmmmm?

Animal Collective (5/26 at the Fox):

I’ve said pretty much everything I can about them here.. just saying this is going to be a pretty awesome show to see.

Ok.. that’s a lot of information on indie bands to put out there, probably more than any person could actually want.  Heh.. one could maybe even call it Ind-formation?  

No?  No one?  



doing the iTunes shuffle

Fun Fact:  Every so often, just for shits and giggles, I’ll play my entire iTunes library on shuffle.. 95% of the songs I don’t particularly want to hear in the moment, but it’s worth it for that occasional song it will stumble upon that I love (or is just hilarious) and haven’t listened to in forever.. and it gives me the serious happy.

Remember this little bit of awesome by Lemon Demon?

(Just for good measure, I’ll throw in another awesome Lemon Demon video:)

And then there’s this neat Eels song:

This Rapture video has embedding disabled, but damn if I haven’t listened to this song in forever.  This used to be my go to album!

Along that vein, this Hot Chip song is another fun blast from the past:

Cake!  Yum!

Guilty pleasure: Electric Six.  I’ve never seen this video until just now, and it’s kind of creepy and awesome.  But mostly creepy.

Awesome awesome awesome Gogol Bordello.  I think I drove my housemates insane listening to this song so many times.  (Note to self, see when they’re coming around next.)

I could go on.. but that’s more than enough, heh.  Try it sometime!



after I good show I hit up denny’s

Its funny ‘cuz its true!


Stunning Recycled Cassette Tape Art

My coworker today showed me today a link to a blogpost about this artist on Flickr Iri5 that creates spot on renditions of musicians using recycled cassette tape. Awesome! Click any picture to go to the whole Flickr set.

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan


I got a Golden Ticket!!!

Burning Man ticket just came in the mail today!!

The humming bird is all shiny-like


Ain’t No Party Like a Lego Pirate Rave Party!

New single by The Glass, “Wanna Be Dancin.” Lotsa remixes of this one over at Beatport means electro fun for the whole family!

Note the pirate flag waving guy about 49 seconds in. He’s like a Lego version of a Camp Fuck Yeah member:

Jolly Rogerin' It.

Jolly Rogerin' It.

Yarr!!! Soon I'll be a lego man in a music video!!

Yarr!!! Soon I'll be a lego man in a music video!!


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