Bob Ross Tribute Party in NYC Tonight 4/2/09

My good friend and all around rock star Baby Bunny is throwing a Bob Ross tribute party tonight in NYC at Gallery Bar. Featuring a raffle, an art show, PBR, and happy little trees! Its also a fundraiser for a very worthy scholastic arts program:

A tribute party for the famed Public Television Painter/ Pop Culture Icon – Bob Ross. Music by BabyBunny and Alex English.

  • Bob Ross Look-A-Like Contest! $1 raffle tickets to benefit Art Start ( http://www.art-start.org) — win original art and exclusive Bob Ross brand products.

*Live Bob Ross instructional painting! Learn how to paint happy trees!

*Special performance by the “Titanium White Hot Dancers” (Bob Ross tribute dance troupe).

*Exhibit your Bob Ross inspired artwork in our special exhibition. Email for details: beatthedeviloutofit@gmail.com

Produced in Association with Gallery Bar, PBR, and the Culture of Me.

  • * All proceeds from the raffle benefit Art Start, an organization that provides art education and resources to children and teenagers living in shelters. It promotes creativity as a means of transforming lives –just as Bob Ross believed.

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