the champion of my heart, indeed

Check out this little bit of awesome by Richie Cunning:

The video is some kids messing around (although check out the awesome Karate Kid bandana and the epic flicking back of sweatshirts).. mostly just listen to the fantastic buttrockness that is this song.  The keyboard synth is badass and the lyrics absolutely slay me:

“when the darkness closes in / and the animals run for shelter / a bird still sings for you / and you think you’ve lost it all / because the other guy knows karate / and you don’t know what to do..

how will you know? / how will you know / that your punch is filled with fury / and your kick is fucking leathal / will you be strong? / will you be strong / will you wave your flag of glory / as the lightning strikes the steeple..

oooh, you’re the champion of my heart!”

and it just keeps getting better.  




1 Response to “the champion of my heart, indeed”

  1. 1 rachel
    March 10, 2009 at 1:05 am

    That is pretty fucking hilarious. I love it.

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