Amusing New York Phenomena

As a daily NYC metro commuter, I go through Times Square and Grand Central Station twice a day during rush hour. Its pretty bananas. There is always something to look at:

– Last month in the long hallway between the 1-2-3 line and the A-C-E line at Times Square,  every piece of Ad Space was a crazy promo for the HBO show ‘Big Love.’ Each subway poster had all of these head phone jacks that you could plug headphones into and listen to random crazy stuff- the internal monologue  ramblings of the characters in the posters:

The woman with glasses was muttering about pills.

This guy muttered about mortgage payments.

Also in the Times Square metro station, there is what appears to be a barber shop, but its actually a time machine back to 1988! (At least that’s what the posters lead me to believe)

Ladies take note: Not only does Bruce have an Esprit jean jacket, he also drives a bitchin’ Camero!

Mr Lower Left Corner here was also featured as a backup dancer on the show Saved By The Bell during all those scenes when AC Slater and Screech are hangin’ at The Max:

Sheila’s interests include long walks on the beach, investment banking, and cocaine.

These guys are in Times Square or Grand Central at least 3 days a week. They play bluegrass music and totally wail.

I saw this baby way out on 12th avenue outside a porsche dealership. I’m trying to imagine the scenario that willed this car into existence. My bet is that an eccentric billionare walked in and said, “I would like to drop 50 grand on a Lotus– But I will only buy it if you paint it to look like a prop from the movie ‘Tron,’ if ‘Tron’ were filmed in black and white.”

Empire State Building and Chrylser Building playground:

–DJ Rex Manning Day


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