ziggy stArDust

And that’s ‘ziggy stArDust’ with an emphasis on the ‘A’ and the ‘D.’  Adrian and Mysterious D are an incredible DJ duo with superhuman mashup powers.  The first time I caught them was at SF LoveFest, September 2006.  If I remember correctly, I was returning from the hour-long porta potty line when my roommate ran up to me yelling some gibberish about a ‘Doors’ remix.  We instantly made our way over to the source of the mayhem, ‘A plus D’ spinning in front of a tricked out float dubbed the “Magic Bus.”  By the end of the day, we were converts.  Check the photos from ’06 below:

Adrian and Mysterious D at LoveFest 06

Adrian and Mysterious D at LoveFest '06

The Magic Bus at LoveFest 06

The Magic Bus at LoveFest '06

A plus D throw amazing mashup parties which started out as monthly events at DNA Lounge in SF.  These parties, or ‘Bootie,’ have since expanded all over the world and are now bi-monthly in SF.  Check the party schedule and locations here, and make sure to peep A plus D’s website here.

After a wonderful evening of pillow warfare, I went to the Valentine’s Day edition of Bootie SF.  It had been maybe a year since my last time at Bootie, and the second I stepped into DNA, I started asking myself why I had stopped going.  That party is a damn good time.

So, after rediscovering Bootie, I started poking around on the A plus D website and found (holy crap!) a newly released remix album of David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust!’  Though I was excited at first, I soon found that, thanks to ‘DJ BC’ (Bootie, Boston), a lot of the tracks are cheesy house beats with Bowie vocals slopped on top.  What a bummer!  Luckily, A plus D’s contribution to the album, a mashup of Bowie’s “Lady Stardust” and MGMT’s “Kids,” absolutely shines.  You can download the track here, or just check out the neat music video below:



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