tecktonik… vs. jumpstyle?

Not to say that Jumpstylers would wail on those Tecktonik pop and lock rave kids, but Jumpstylers would totally wail on those Tecktonik pop and lock rave kids.  Oh yeah, it’s on.  

Want to learn?  Of course you do.  Want to learn from someone in a luchador/power ranger mask?  Even better!

So a little background, jumpstyle is both a dance move and a type of music classification (liken it to Gabber and Happy Hardcore).  It originated in Belgium about 10 years ago and became incredibly popular, in that underground non-popular kind of way.  Kids would get in trouble or even arrested for Jumping on the streets or in public areas, very similar to how most U.S. cities view skateboarding and skateboarding culture.  So similar, in fact, they even have this:

There’s this guy, Patrick Jumpen, who travels around Europe dancing like a madman.  He even got arrested at the Vatican!   

I absolutely love what people in this world come up with to represent themselves, especially in dance-form.  It’s so easy to forget that it is a pretty damn amazing thing.. music and moving.



1 Response to “tecktonik… vs. jumpstyle?”

  1. 1 tbdeez nutz
    March 3, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Ah, is it just me, or does this strongly resemble Russian soldier dancing (w/ electronic twist?)

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