4 nights of STS9 at the Fillmore

Last night marked the first of four sold out Sound Tribe Sector 9 shows at the Fillmore in SF.  STS9 is a 5 piece instrumental electronic jam band, with added elements of a funky or even hip hop groove.  Throw in a little drum and bass, and there you go.

The guys have a pretty insane cult following (the kind that will travel the country following the band to venue after venue), a lot of it due to the pretty awesome live shows they put on.. and of course the danceable, happy music.  Add copious amounts of weed, mushrooms and twirling hippies, and there you have it! 

Here’s a clip from the DVD they put out in 2006.

I have to say though, the show last night had a weird mix of really amazing people and total douchebags.  You expect a certain amount of difficulty in dealing with people who are very influenced (especially in the middle of the crowd carrying drinks), but there were some really rude people there.  People trying to take beers off my tray, steal money.. I had one guy screaming at me for about 10 minutes and then refuse to buy his drink.  Very unnecessary.  I’m hoping the crowd will be more  consistant these next few nights.

Another side note, what’s up with the twirling?  I’m very honestly curious… don’t you get dizzy?  Does it just feel really intense and awesome to twirl for 3 straight hours?  I tried spinning around and it just made my head hurt.. 

Perhaps I’ll never know.




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